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As a CIT (Counselor-In-Training) or LIT (Leader-In-Training), these campers are ready to move on to a different kind of experience as a camper! A CIT/LIT is an individual who is looking to challenge him or herself by participating in a leadership program that gives them the opportunity to participate, contribute and become involved with younger children in a camp setting. A CIT/LIT is a current 7th or 8th grade boy or girl who is ready to accept responsibility for being a positive role model and motivated to practice and learn group dynamics. These campers learn to work as part of a team under the direction of senior staff members. This program provides your child an opportunity to practice growing up and is a perfect partner to family, school and community youth activities.

  • Boy and girls completing 7th grade in June
  • Full day supervised activity schedule
  • A CIT will participate for a portion of each day with a younger group of campers under the supervision of a Senior Counselor, a Field Supervisor and Leadership Counselors,
  • A CIT will also participate for a portion of each day in recreational activities with other CITs under the supervision of the Leadership Counselors.
  • Optional participation in 2 local 1/2 day trips and 3 extended day trips
  • Optional Late-Night Party
  • Full tuition rates apply
Counselors In Training
Counselors In Training
  • Boys and girls completing 8th grade in June
  • One previous season as a CIT at SSDC
  • Optional participation on all trips as described above
  • Optional Late-Night Party
  • Advanced Leadership Training Workshops
  • Full tuition rates apply
Leaders in Training
Leaders in Training

A CIT/LIT packet will be mailed out in the Spring.  This will include an overview of the program, forms to be signed and returned and information about an Orientation Meeting.

SPECIAL NOTE: Future employment as a Junior Counselor Intern is subject to availability and is not guaranteed.  The following criteria is taken into consideration: the number of years at SSDC, positive staff evaluations, readiness to assist with a group of campers, enjoyment of camp, success in mentoring campers, participation in camp activities and overall performance at camp.  In addition, Junior Counselor Interns must be able to commit to the full eight-week camp season.
CIT/LIT Information

Who Should Be a CIT/LIT? – Overview

CIT/LIT Expectations

CIT/LIT Training Manual

CIT/LIT Responsibility Form

CIT/LIT Leadership Survey Form

CIT/LIT Aquatic Survey Form

CIT/LIT Boys Sample Schedule

CIT/LIT Girls Sample Schedule

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