Camper/Parent FAQs

Which forms does camp need to fill out for my camper(s)?

The 2023 parent forms are now available on the (SSDC Parent Portal). Once you log into your account, click on “view details” under submitted applications and you will see the “Forms” section on the right hand side of the page as well as a place to upload the medical form and photo.



Does camp need a Medical Form on file?

Yes, a Camper Health History and current Physical are required for each camper. This form is due no later than March 1st. Beginning in 2023, parents will utilize our new (SSDC Parent Portal) through CampBrain to complete a Medical History online as part of your Household Account.  In addition, a current Physical with a Doctor’s signature must be uploaded to your account.  Completing this form will enable our Nursing staff to carefully review all information and become familiar with your camper’s medical needs. The Camp Nurse will call to clarify health issues if necessary. Special Note: Any camper who goes out of camp for any trips, must have a completed medical form in the camp office prior to the trip to participate.  PLEASE FILL OUT ALL INFORMATION ON THIS NEW ONLINE FORM.  Thank you

What if my child needs to take medication at camp?

Our Camp Nurses will dispense any medication, prescription or non-prescription to your child during the camp day. Any medication sent to camp must be in the original pharmacy container with complete directions, be labeled, and medications must be kept in camp until the medication is no longer needed. A Permission to Administer Form must be completed if your child needs to be given medication at camp. Our Camp Nurses are always available to answer any concerns during the camp day.

What if my child needs to take medication on the first day of camp?

If your camper needs to be given medication on the first day of camp, please arrange to bring the medication to the camp office BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP. Call us at the camp office (215-355-4567) to let us know when you plan to drop off medicines.

If you need to speak to a Camp Nurse about your child’s medication or medical procedures for the first day of camp, please contact camp at least one week prior to the first day. This will allow time for our Camp Nurse to discuss your concern prior to the start of camp.

My camper has an allergy, what should I know?

Southampton is NOT 100% allergen free. At SSDC we are certainly sensitive to those with allergies and we pledge to do our utmost best in keeping everyone safe and educated about our campers’ issues. We offer gluten free choices, vegetarian options and fresh fruit for all meals. Our Camp Nurses review all allergies based on your camper’s medical form provided before camp begins.

What does ACA accreditation mean?

Southampton Summer Day Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). The ACA is a national, non-profit organization that supports and promotes high standards and best practices in organized camping. As an accredited camp, SSDC undergoes regular independent audits every three to five years to demonstrate its compliance of nearly 300 quality standards covering health and safety, facilities, personnel, administration, and programming. ACA accreditation is camping’s “good housekeeping seal of approval” and the “gold standard” for the camping industry.

Southampton’s #1 organizational priority has always been to keep your camper safe from harm that may occur from camp activities or from other campers. Learn more about our Commitment to Safety.

Who can I speak to about my child’s day?

SSDC prides itself on offering the highest level of supervision and communication. During the summer, your child’s group will be supervised by one of our skilled Senior Counselors. These teachers, coaches, parents and former campers are mature adults with training and experience education and camping. Your Senior Counselor will oversee your camper’s Southampton experience, and be your direct liaison and contact with camp. This person is responsible for ALL aspects of your child’s experience while at Southampton. Each division is also led by one of our highly skilled Supervisors. They are always available to answer your questions and concerns and will be in communication with you throughout the summer to meet your camper’s needs. You are always welcome to speak with Rick or Jacque Blum as well about your concerns or questions.

How do I contact camp?

The camp phone number is 215-355-4567. The camp hours are 8am – 6pm, Monday to Friday. Please call during the office hours to speak directly to the office staff.

What if my child wants to go home with a friend?

If you wish to go home with a friend both parent(s) or guardian(s) MUST provide written permission and contact information for approval. Please check with the office before arranging your plans. Notes must be received in the morning at the camp office. A camper will go home on their normal camp transportation if a both notes are not received.

What if my child needs to leave camp before the end of the day?

If you need to leave camp before dismissal, a parent or guardian must provide a signed and dated note to the office. This note should include the following: time and date of early pick up, the camper’s first and last name & the name of the person who will be responsible for pick up. If a note is not received, a phone call to the office at 215-355-4567 is permissible. Parent(s) or guardian(s) MUST come to the SSDC Office to sign-out your child. SPECIAL NOTE: PLEASE PLAN TO PICK YOUR CHILD UP NO LATER THAN 2:45PM due to the busyness of camp and end of the day transportation needs in our parking lot.

Can I visit my child during the camp day?

Updated Policy beginning in 2021.  Camp only admits parents during Visiting Week.  At this time there are no unscheduled visits allowed.  If you are dropping off or picking up your child at camp, we ask that you check in with our Gate Security. The person will take down your name, who you are visiting, the reason for the visit and then direct you immediately to the Camp Office. To ensure your camper’s safety, we require you to sign in at the office. If you are staying for a visit, a camp badge must be worn on the campgrounds. At the end of your visit, please return the badge to the office and sign out. Please note: During certain special events SSDC is closed to all visitors.

What items do I need for camp?

Everyday campers should come to camp with two bathing suits, two towels, change of clothes and sunscreen in their camp bag. Sneakers must be worn for camp activities. Please label all clothing and personal equipment. Any notes to counselors should be placed in the front of the camp bag.

Southampton also requests that each camper keep the following items here at camp: underwear, socks, a jacket or sweatshirt, a raincoat, a pair of long pants, pool shoes, and sunscreen. These should be sent to camp in an oversized Ziplock bag clearly marked with your child’s name and bunk # and marked “CLOTHING TO BE KEPT AT CAMP”. If your camper is in Junior Camp you can bring this bag to your “Meet the Counselor” date or just send it with your child on the first day of camp.

What are Clubs at Southampton?

Campers at Southampton choose one club from a list of choices for Monday and Wednesday and one club from a list of choices for Tuesday and Thursday. Club choice will vary according to the age of the camper. Please make sure to fill out and return the Club sheet so Rona, “The Club Lady”, can do her best to sort everything out, wave her magic wand and start your club. Club choices can be updated after the first week of camp. Special Note: Musical Theater and Dance Clubs are a full 8-week commitment, both which culminate in a much-anticipated end of season show.

Our littlest campers, the OWLETTES AND LITTLE HOOTS, will be treated to a variety of clubs called Little Hoots Adventure Club. These activities will rotate throughout the summer.

What does passing the Deep-Water Test at Southampton look like?

Using the most current American Red Cross guidelines, campers are evaluated the first week and placed in an appropriate swim group. Passing the Deep-Water Test is the “golden ticket” to the deep end, slides and diving boards. The Deep-Water Test is jumping into the deep end of the pool (6-feet-the pool with the slides), coming to the surface and treading water for 30 seconds, then without hesitation front crawl (comfortably-without struggling) to the 2nd rope at the shallow end of the pool (just past the lifeguard stand).

Swim instructors will determine if campers are ready for the test. A camper or parent may also request that the test be given.

What are Color Games?

Color Games is a time-honored camp tradition at camps worldwide. It is the most competitive activity at camp when the Gold and Brown Teams draw the line in the sand to gather together and earn the title of the winning team for the summer. Spirit, camaraderie and “one for all, all for one” feelings are high during this much anticipated weeklong event. At the end of Color Sing we gather together to shout the traditional, “It Just Doesn’t Matter” chant, signaling that Color Games was great fun as we rejoin as one SSDC family to cherish our memories together until next summer.

What is Spirt Day Wednesday?

Every Wednesday during the camp season, campers and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite camp shirt. It’s for fun and pride. Of course, camp shirts can be worn any other day as well! (It would make Hampy’s famous smile even bigger!) Throughout the summer, camp also has other silly spirit days. These days will be listed on our camp calendar and menu.

What is Parent Transportation at SSDC?

Parents who have chosen to transport their campers to and from camp will receive instructions prior to the first camp day on the pick-up and drop-off procedure that we utilize at camp. Parents must stay in their vehicle while camp staff assist campers to and from their cars with their belongings. Campers will exit from the right side of the vehicle for safety in the morning. We request that the camper’s bags are in the vehicle, not in a trunk area. For the safety of campers and staff we ask you to remain in your vehicle at all times. In addition, please follow any direction given by our staff during pick-up and drop-off. We appreciate your cooperation. Our Transportation Supervisor will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns about transportation.

What if I use the Camp’s Transportation?

Parents who utilize the camp’s transportation will be notified approximately one to two weeks before camp begins by your child’s camp driver or bus supervisor. This staff person will discuss your child’s pick-up and drop-off times. We need your patience and cooperation during the first week of camp as the pick-up and drop-off times become consistent. Camp Transportation is a complicated puzzle to solve each summer, therefore we do not honor driver requests or guarantee that your child’s transportation will be the same from summer to summer. Our Transportation Supervisor will be happy to help you with any questions or concerns about transportation.

What if I’m not home when my child is to be dropped off?

Our drivers will not drop off any camper without being sure that the camper is safe. As a preventative measure, you will be asked to complete an EMERGENCY PLAN. This form will be handed to your driver. If you are delayed or not at home, this plan will go into effect. Drivers are instructed to notify camp immediately when this occurs.

How do I communicate with camp during the summer?

To speak with someone in the office directly please call between the hours of 8:00am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. If you leave a message outside of our office hours, your message may not be retrieved until the next day. Camp is very busy during the season so please use email as a last resort to communicate with us. A phone conversation can help all of us clarify all issues as quickly as possible.

Please communicate with us! It is our sincere desire to make each summer season for your family a pleasant experience. We want to know during the camp season if you have a concern or issue so we can work towards resolving it. We are all working toward the same goal which is to provide a safe, happy, and positive environment for your children summer after summer. In cases of true emergency if camp lines are busy please call Lindsay directly at 267-246-3493

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