Sharing the Southampton Summer Day Camp Experience
                      Starting in September each year, we plan and prepare for the                  
                      upcoming camp season and it always amazes us how quickly we               
                      reach the halfway point each summer…and here we are!  


As parents, we know sending your camper off each day comes with a mix of emotions, and with the uncertainty of the past few years, we understand the desire to provide the best possible experience for our children.  We are grateful for your continued trust and confidence to provide your families with a safe, rewarding home away from home; a summer filled with friendship and unique treasured experiences. 


 Each summer at SSDC is a special combination of our traditional camp spirit, formed over the last 48 summers, along with a unique energy created by all of the contributions of our incredible campers and staff each day. We’d like to give a special shout out to our 2022 Staff, who always have a smile on their face and truly care for each camper. We are proud to say that all of our Senior Bunk Staff are returning SSDC campers or staff members, many of whom are now teachers and parents of campers themselves. This amazing thread of continuity and tradition has brought a wonderful camp spirit and sense of dedication to the SSDC way. 


  This summer, it’s been a joy to watch our campers and staff return to some of our beloved activities and enjoy new additions. We believe the true camp experience is embracing a combination of tried and true elements coupled with new challenges and adventures, big and small. Above all, the value of a real camp experience and an SSDC summer, is one that you cannot always see. It’s the immeasurable impact of building relationships and confidence, overcoming obstacles and the growth we see as a collective camp community and individuals over an action packed 8 weeks. It never ceases to amaze us how our whirlwind season creates so much character for those who fully embrace it. At SSDC we treasure a mixture of rustic camp moments like making s’mores by the campfire with Aunt Jacque along with the luxury of fully air conditioned modern Dining Room to provide a respite from the sun each day. 


   It’s been a hoot watching SSDC alums, Danielle and Kristen Keaser, Lauren Clearfield Smith, and Loni Pereszlenyi come back to the nest this summer for “Hampy’s Kitchen All-Stars,” bringing smiles to campers throughout the week with the smell of cinnamon snails and popcorn wafting through the office. 


 With several new Arcade games, including a 2-seat wave runner and double shot air basketball, even our littlest campers are getting a thrill from having this indoor period back on the schedule. We were lucky to be able to bring back special entertainment to amaze the campers like mentalist Robert Channing and The Speed of Magic. This winter we continued upgrading our “Outdoor Challenge” program, debuting the new three-sided climbing tower to accompany our 2021 additions of the Continuous High Ropes Course and Outdoor Ninja-Style Obstacle Course. The camp is abuzz everytime a climber makes it to the top. Musical Theatre and Dance clubs are once again preparing for end of the summer performances for the entire camp, with nighttime shows for parents. Our CIT/LIT program is back on track with out of camp trips sprinkled throughout the summer and once again every camper will get to feel on top of the world as they see the sun start to set on Southampton during their very own “late night.”


 And these are only a few of the enhancements that have brought us closer to a “normal” summer.  It’s our promise to you that we will continue to bring new ideas and activities back in 2023 and beyond. As many of you know, next summer will be our 50th anniversary and we are already planning some amazing surprises for this celebratory occasion. 


 And now…. It is our absolute pleasure to be able to invite our camp families to visit SSDC next week during our 49th summer. We know many of you have been awaiting this information and we appreciate your patience as we carefully assessed the current environment both at camp and within the local community, in order to organize and provide a safe and fulfilling opportunity for you to visit your campers during the camp day. 


 We are so excited for you to see your camper shine as they excel at his or her favorite activities, try new things and above all, showcase that SSDC sportsmanship, camaraderie and kindness at camp.  


 We know many of you have been enjoying the sneak peak into camp via Instagram (THANK YOU Illana Rosenblum for capturing those precious moments daily on the @southamptondaycamp handle) and we are thrilled to have you here to see everything in person.