Hampy’s Kitchen Participation

Hampy’s Kitchen is an activity where campers help make and eat various fun foods.

Although food ingredients used in Hampy’s Kitchen are checked, camp cannot guarantee that there will not be unknown ingredients in foods that your child may be allergic to while participating or sitting in Hampy’s Kitchen. Although Hampy’s Kitchen staff always takes care to clean surfaces between each period, they cannot guarantee that surfaces will not contain small amounts of an ingredient that your camper may find to be an allergen.

WEEK 1 – CINNAMON SNAILS – White Bread, Cream Cheese, Margarine, Cinnamon

(gluten free bread will be available)

Please complete the Camper Profile Form through the SSDC Parent Portal to grant permission for your camper to participate in Hampy’s Kitchen or request for your camper to be provided an alternate activity due to a food allergy severity.

Thank you.

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