Why should I consider sending my child to Southampton Summer Day Camp?

Our passion is to share the “Southampton Way” with you.  The value of a traditional eight-week real camp experience is one that provides many young people with an extra constant in their lives with which to build relationships and experiences.  SSDC is alone as perhaps the last day camp to place great value on the impact of the full real camp summer.  A real camp should not just be a place to be, but rather a mixture of all things to do, centered on the one for all and all for one concept of growing together for eight whirlwind weeks. The final days of a real camp should be packed with culminating activities like championship and All-Star games, dance and theater shows, art projects, counselor talent shows and awards presentations.  A real camp should end bittersweet, with sadness and anticipation of new adventures to be shared next summer with old and new friends alike. Enroll Today!

What makes SSDC so special?

CELEBRATING OUR 50TH SUMMER IN 2023.  For 49 years we have been making each summer season a pleasant and rewarding experience for camp families.  We strive every day to provide a safe, happy, and positive environment for your camper.  Everything we do at SSDC is with the intention of providing an exceptional experience on many happy levels that will stay with each camper and staff member of our Southampton family for life.  As Jacque says, “Six Degrees of Southampton Summer Day Camp” is truly a sweet pleasure to watch and experience as members of our camp family grow up into adulthood!

What are the dates for the 2023 Camp Season? What sessions do you offer?

SUBJECT TO CHANGE. SSDC RETURNS IN 2023 for our 50th Summer!  2023  ENROLLMENT is now open.  If ENROLLMENT is closed, a WAITLIST FORM will be available.  Tentative Camp Dates will be from Monday June 19 – Friday August 11, 2023. CAMP CLOSED – Tuesday July 4th.  Southampton Summer Day Camp campers can enroll in a Full 8-week program. FOR 2023– Camp families may choose Any 6 weeks. Limited 4-week sessions are offered during the first (June 19 – July 14) or last (July 17 – August 11) four weeks of the summer.  In addition to a Full Day program for 3- and 4-year age campers we also offer a Mini-Day (9:00-1:30) program. (Mini-Day does not include Transportation)

What does camp tuition include?

Camp tuition includes lunch, snack, Camp T-shirt, Camp photo, and transportation to and from camp each day.

What is your cancellation, billing and refund policy?


    • All balances are due by May 1st, 2023.
    • 100% refund when written notice is postmarked or emailed by May 1, 2023.
    • If cancellation notice is received May 2 – June 1, 2023 there will be a cancellation fee of $300 per camper.
    • After June 1, no deposits/payments will be refunded.
    • Accepted forms of payment: Checks, Cash, ACH (Electronic fund transfer from checking/savings), and Credit Card (VISA , MASTERCARD, DISCOVER & AMERICAN EXPRESS)
      • There will be a 2% processing fee on all credit card charges
    • There is no allowance, nor refund, for absences, missed days, late arrival, dismissal, or early withdrawal of camper.
    • Accounts that are not kept “current” with payment schedules will forfeit any Early Enrollment pricing discounts. All Early Enrollment accounts not paid in full by May 1, 2023 will forfeit Early Enrollment pricing discounts.
    • All outstanding balances for tuition are due in full by May 1, 2023. Final parent mailing including your child’s assignment, bunk schedule and transportation will not be sent until balance and required paperwork is submitted and received.
    • All checks can be mailed to Southampton Summer Day Camp 1459 Second Street Pike, Southampton PA 18966
    • Please contact Lindsay at 267-246-3493 or email Lindsay@SouthamptonDayCamp.com to set up an offline payment plan.

What programs do you offer for campers?

SSDC is a traditional 8- week Monday – Friday experience.  We offer a varied and well-planned program of recreational and cultural activities, clubs, leagues and tournaments.  A traditional 8-week summer camp packs multiple culminating activities into the final 10 days or so, giving special meaning to the entire camp experience.  The full 8-week camp season gives everyone an opportunity to develop new friendships, and skills which can last a lifetime.  All campers regardless of age, participate in all camp activities throughout the weeks at camp.

With that in mind, SSDC offers a limited number of placements in the first half and second half of our camp season,  a Mini Day program for ages 3 and 4 only as well as an any 6-week offering.

What program do you offer for your 13 and 14- year old’s?

Our Leadership in Training Program provides your young teen with “Fun, Friends and Leadership.”  Your child will spend half of the day with his/her bunk learning the ropes to be a counselor.  The other half of the day will be spent with friends on camp activities.  Preplanned, out of camp trips are a much-anticipated highlight of each summer.  In addition, camp projects and community service events round out a very busy summer. Learn more about Who Should Be a CIT/LIT?

Is Southampton Summer Day Camp an accredited camp? What does that mean?

Yes, Southampton Summer Day Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). The ACA is a national, non-profit organization that supports and promotes high standards and best practices in organized camping. As an accredited camp, SSDC undergoes regular independent audits every three to five years to demonstrate its compliance of nearly 300 quality standards covering health and safety, facilities, personnel, administration, and programming. ACA accreditation is camping’s “good housekeeping seal of approval” and the “gold standard” for the camping industry.  The ACA further provides camps with ongoing education and support and offers parents information to help select a program and prepare their camper for the summer camp adventure.

Learn more about this rigorous process here.

What are the hours of a typical camp day?

Our full camp day runs from 9:00am to 3:45pm.  Mini Day is 9:00am to 1:30pm. Buses, vans and cars will pick up your child between 8:00am-8:45am.  Parent drop-off begins at 8:30am.  Dismissal from camp usually begins at 3:45pm.  Parent pick-up begins at 4:05pm. Before and after camp care is provided at an additional charge.

Extended Care at Southampton:

Before Care begins at 7:00am

After Care concludes at 5:30pm.

What are the camp’s transportation options?

UPDATED POLICY BEGINNING IN 2022  The SSDC day begins and ends with a safe, spirited ride to and from camp.  Camp will provide a door to door pickup or central designated location service from a bus.  (Regular Camp Policy: All of our drivers are 21+ years of age and are approved by our insurance carrier).  All of our bus drivers are CDL certified and have undergone rigorous background checks with their respective bus company.  All vehicles used by camp are subject to the stringent safety and insurance standards.  Camp will also provide a limited number of 12-15 passenger Transit Vans as neededThese vehicles will be driven by experienced camp staff.

Parents can opt to drive their children within the normal camp day and receive a rebate per camper.  Parents who choose this option will receive instructions prior to the first camp day on the SSDC’s pick-up and drop-off procedure. Check out our Transportation at Camp page for more info!

What kind of staff do you employ?

Southampton Summer Day Camp maintains the highest standards during its staff selection process. We hand pick individuals who demonstrate leadership, responsibility and a genuine love for children to be a part of our staff.  The vast majority of senior staff and younger assistants are former campers at Southampton.

What kind of training do you provide your staff?

Every staff member attends multiple pre-camp training sessions to address a myriad of safety and policy issues as determined by SSDC, Church Mutual Insurance Company and the ACA (American Camping Association).  Staff members who are Water Safety Instructors, Lifeguards and Outdoor Challenge Crew receive additional pre-camp training to keep their certifications current.

Staff members 18 years or older must submit state clearances, including an FBI fingerprint certification.

Who can I speak to about my child’s day?

SSDC prides itself on offering the highest level of supervision and communication. During the summer, your child’s group will be supervised by one of our skilled Senior Counselors. These teachers, coaches, parents and former campers are mature adults with training and experience in education and camping. Your Senior Counselor will oversee your camper’s Southampton experience, and be your direct liaison and contact with camp. This person is responsible for ALL aspects of your child’s experience while at Southampton.  Each division is also led by one of our highly skilled Supervisors. They are always available to answer your questions and concerns and will be in communication with you throughout the summer to meet your camper’s needs. You are always welcome to speak with Lindsay, Rick or Jacque Blum as well about your concerns or questions.

Who instructs activities at camp?

At Southampton, experienced specialists offer the highest quality instruction and supervision in each activity area. Our specialists are hand selected for their particular skill level in each area of camp, and for their strong ability to teach these skills to our campers in an encouraging manner. Many Southampton specialists are teachers, coaches, or professionals in their particular field. Bunk counselors accompany our campers to every activity and actively participate to provide additional assistance and support.

What is swim instruction like at camp?

Yes! The Southampton swim program is top notch! We have 3 heated pools, enabling us to provide age appropriate swim instruction in a comfortable environment. Our campers successfully progress through the American Red Cross Swim Levels. Each camper has small group instruction every day with the same Red Cross Certified Water Safety Swim instructor to ensure that the camper feels safe and secure. Campers are also scheduled for recreational swim every day where they can enjoy the diving boards and delightful water slides. Parents are updated throughout the summer about their child’s instructional progress. Our parents constantly let us know how amazed they are by their camper’s swimming progress at the end of a Southampton summer!

Is there a nurse on premises during the camp day?

The Health Office is staffed by two Registered Nurses who take care of our campers and staff with extra TLC. Our nurses maintain and ensure a safe and healthy summer for all of our campers. They are available to speak with you before and throughout the summer regarding your child’s health needs.

How does camp ensure my camper will stay hydrated through the day?

Southampton has many water stations located throughout camp where campers can cool off with water.  In addition, although not necessary, you can pack a water bottle for your camper EVERYDAY. Senior Counselors and Supervisors will ensure that campers are staying hydrated throughout the day.

Does Southampton provide lunch?

Yes! Southampton provides delicious, balanced lunches as part of our all-inclusive tuition in our modern air-conditioned dining room. We offer a main meal, deluxe salad bar, bagels, PB&J sandwiches, and fresh fruit on a daily basis. We offer gluten free and vegetarian options for many of our lunches.  SSDC is not 100% allergen free, but we continue to provide alternatives for those campers with dietary needs. POLICY UPDATE BEGINNING IN 2021: Lunch is served family style to the campers by their counselors. campers will be asked at AM lineup if they want a sandwich, bagel or salad to be served in  individual bag or container with their lunch.  Campers are also served dessert at the end of each meal, typically an ice cream, popsicle or other tasty treat. All lunches are supervised and prepared fresh every day by our own Executive Chefs Brian Bowman, Terence Barge and their team in our state-of-the-art commercial kitchen.

Sample Menu 1

Sample Menu 2

Are there Special Events at Southampton Summer Day Camp?

Our campers love our Special Events!!! We bring in performers and entertainment to keep the fun rolling all summer long. Hampy’s Splash Bash, Olympics, Carnival Ride and Booth Day, and Color Games are some of our camper favorites. Every Wednesday is Spirit Day at camp, where campers can wear an SSDC shirt. Each week at Southampton brings new Special Events and surprises to keep everything fun and exciting throughout the summer!

2022 Summer Calendar 

What are Clubs at Southampton?

Campers at Southampton choose a one club from a list of choices for Monday and Wednesday and one club from a list of choices for Tuesday and Thursday.  Club choice will vary according to the age of the camper.  Please make sure to fill out and return the Club sheet so Rona, “The Club Lady”, can do her best to sort everything out, wave her magic wand and start your club.  Club choices can be updated after the first week of camp.  Special Note:  Musical Theatre and Dance Clubs are a full 8-week commitment, both which culminate in a much-anticipated end of season show.


What do you do a rainy or extremely hot day?

Rain or shine, the fun keeps going at Southampton Summer Day Camp! During inclement weather, we switch from our regular sunny day schedule to our specially designed rainy-day schedule. We have many indoor spaces to keep our campers dry and entertained no matter what Mother Nature has in store. We also have a modern, indoor, state of the art Collegiate-Style Field House which offers flexibility to play anything involving sticks, balls and feet. On oppressively hot days all campers are taken off the fields and given extended swim periods.

What items do I need for camp?

Everyday campers should come to camp with two bathing suits, two towels, change of clothes and sunscreen in their camp bag. Sneakers must be worn for camp activities.  Please label all clothing and personal equipment.  Any notes to counselors should be placed in the front of the camp bag.

Southampton also requests that each camper keep the following items at camp: underwear, socks, a jacket or sweatshirt, a raincoat, a pair of long pants, pool shoes, and sunscreen.  These should be sent to camp in an oversized Ziplock bag clearly marked with your child’s name and bunk # and marked “CLOTHING TO BE KEPT AT CAMP”.  If your camper is in Junior Camp you can bring this bag on your “Meet the Counselor” date or just send it with your child on the first day of camp.

What can I do to prepare my child for camp?

We strive to partner with parents as they prepare their children for the summer camp experience.  You may consider the following learning opportunities with your child:

  • Discuss with your child what he/she is most looking forward to or concerned about.
  • Role-play with your child what he/she will say to a new friend.
  • Review with your child the concerns he/she should bring up with the counselor.
  • Encourage your child to try new activities, reassuring them that it’s a good thing even if it takes a few tries to be successful. Competition is part of life but sometimes we just participate to have fun and get some good old-fashioned exercise!
  • Let your child help pack a backpack for camp each day so he/she is familiar with what they are bringing with them.
  • Teach your child how to apply sunscreen well and practice tying their shoes.
  • Be prepared to listen well to songs and stories from camp when your child returns at the end of the day. Talking with them about what they learned helps reinforce the learning and increase their enthusiasm to return to camp the following day.

Get ready

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of your life!

For 48 years we have been providing an exceptional experience each summer season for camp families. We strive every day to provide a safe, happy, and positive environment for your camper that will stay with them for life.

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