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Why work at camp?

Many staff report that they develop life-long skills working at camp.

What college students who have been camp counselors say about the skills they’ve developed:

“Communication skills is a biggie.” “There is so much to that. You learn to talk in front of people.”

 “You learn what it is to be part of a team.” “You need to work together and find common ground.”

 “It was an opportunity to have a leadership role.” “You learn about your leadership style and leadership skills.”

  “I had to figure out how to be adaptable.” “You stretch and grow and learn new things every day.”

 “No matter what the problem is, you can find a way to solve it.” “Trying to solve problems that arise really pushes you to your limit.”

 “You can’t choose who you work with.” “Learning to be flexible and accommodate different personalities gives me a good edge.”

 “You have a chance to build friendships with different types of people.” “You get to see new aspects of different parts of the world.”

Employers understand the benefits that working at a summer camp delivers.

Many were counselors during their college years and vividly recall how their summers on the staff provided a foundation of personal skills to help them develop successful careers.

“Camp meant independence, teamwork, adventure, leadership, and fun! It meant becoming responsible to a group and to oneself. And it meant accountability, guidance for others, and freedom to achieve.”
Michael D. Eisner
Chairman, the Walt Disney Company

On the resume:
Especially if more than one summer has been spent on a camp’s staff, it can demonstrate some important things on a resume. A counselor wouldn’t be asked back for a second or third year unless a strong job had been done. Such a screening device can be crucial to recruiters as they wade through resumes of many qualified candidates. At the same time, a counselor wouldn’t return for multiple years unless there was a real loyalty to the camp. Such a sign of commitment can also be crucial.

In the interview:
The camp experience offers lots of interesting stories through which one can illustrate the abilities developed while on the staff. Communication skills used. Teamwork that has been developed. Responsibilities met with little or no supervision.

Leadership taken. New ideas implemented. Problems handled well (and especially not so well, which in turn led to learning valuable lessons). Conflicts overcome. Cultural differences accommodated. And becoming a productive contributor to a community. Entering an interview so well equipped should lead to opportunities for a strong career start.

Camp is Life and Job Skills Development

When can I apply to work at SSDC?

Southampton Summer Day Camp staff must be at least 15 years of age and completed 9th grade to be a Junior Counselor 1 Intern. We accept applications throughout the year, but make most of our hiring decisions in January and February.

What types of people does Southampton Summer Day Camp hire?

  • Possess a genuine love for campers, the camp experience and working outdoors.
  • Understand and support the Southampton Way
  • Have experience working with young children as well as with teams of adults.
  • Are eager to work hard and have fun while making magic happen for campers.
  • Are 15 years of age or older.
  • Are qualified for the specific position for which they are applying. In some cases, additional certifications, or licenses may be required.
  • Are in compliance with SSDC employment requirements by completing a written application, providing references upon request, conducting a face-to-face interview with a director, and submitting all background checks prior to camp.

What is the Staff Application Process? For New and Returning Staff

New Staff (Online Form)

Complete the online Staff Application. When a position matches your skills, we will notify you to schedule a face-to-face interview. We accept online applications and references throughout the year. Our main hiring initiative for New Staff begins in January for the coming summer and continues until all positions are filled.

Returning Staff (Online Form)

At the end of the summer, each staff member will complete a return to camp survey about the following summer. In November an email will go out to make sure your plans haven’t changed.

In addition, please complete the Returning Staff Application by January 15th for the coming summer.

If at any time your plans change, please contact camp immediately by email (, 215-355-4567 (Camp Office), 267-246-3493 (Lindsay’s cell), 267-246-2693 (Rick’s cell)

Who can help me with the application process?

We only communicate with the staff applicant directly:

  • A valuable part of the hiring process is direct communication between Southampton and the staff applicant. Parents or family members of staff applicants are not a part of the hiring process and may not be used as references.
  • Though we can understand why some parents (especially those of former campers) may want to check-in regarding your staff application, we are only able to discuss employment matters with the applicant. While this is SSDC policy, it also meets state and national employment law standards with which we must legally comply.
  • Please discuss this policy with your parents and family members. Thank you in advance for your (and your parent/family members) understanding of Southampton staff application guidelines.

When will I receive my Staff Contract?

SSDC has some strict contract deadlines:

  • All seasonal staff contract materials must be signed and returned within 10 days of receipt by the applicant. Any certification/license cards must be submitted to the camp office prior to the start of camp.
  • An up-to-date Health History Record certifying that you are healthy to work is required by state law.
  • All state and federal background checks and FBI fingerprinting must be on file prior to the start of camp.
  • Any staff member driving for camp must complete a Driver Summary Form in the spring.
  • Any other forms that Southampton may require before working at camp.

What are the important staff dates for this summer?

All Camp Meetings are Mandatory:

A schedule of Staff Meetings for various camp areas will be made available in the spring prior to the camp season

Additional camp meeting will be coordinated by Rick and Jacque by camp or area

An ACA Learning Module will also be a part of any new staff member


    • Meeting schedule to be announced in spring prior to camp season
    • All Staff Meeting:
    • Camp Season: June 20 – August 12, 2022 –  Our 48th Season!
    • July 4th Holiday: Monday, July 4, 2022

What is a typical daily schedule like at Southampton?

Our camp schedule is designed to ensure that each camper participates in all of the activities offered for their age group. The morning and afternoon programs are scheduled for bunks to participate in as a group. Each group has a morning instructional swim and an afternoon recreational swim. Lunch and snack are also provided during the day. Campers are able to select a club (choice period) once a day from Monday through Thursday. Equipment is of the highest quality and is available in the correct size for each camper. The range of activities allows each child to build skills in various areas. Our counselors focus on teaching campers in a safe, fun, and encouraging environment.

What if I have more questions?

We are happy to help you:

  • Please carefully review all sections of our website.
  • Pose any additional questions to our office by emailing or by calling 215-355-4567. Thank you!
  • If you enjoy working with children and love the outdoors, please read the exciting information about Southampton Day Camp and consider working with us this summer in beautiful Bucks County!

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