FEBRUARY 1, 2021

Dear Parents, staff and extended SSDC Family,

Happy and healthy New Year wishes to you and your family. It certainly has been a challenging time for all. It is our sincere hope that everyone is doing well and looking forward to brighter days. As we contemplate this coming camp season we are preparing for all possibilities. We have learned much over the last year from successful camps and schools around the country who have had good results operating their programs. We will incorporate many of those principles and follow the guidelines from the American Camp Association for Summer Camps in 2021 as well.

 Although much can change by June, presently it appears that masks, social distancing whenever possible, and slightly smaller cohort groups will be part of our initial days this summer. However, we will be ready to move at any time to relax or change protocols as circumstances suggest.


 We are currently running our Bucks Futsal League out of our USA Fieldhouse and following all current protocols from the CDC, local and state health authorities. We have 89 teams enrolled and we are four weeks into the program. It is truly gratifying and encouraging to see some form of recreational and social activity occurring for these children, especially with all the challenges we all have been faced with recently. 


As we are all aware, it is so difficult to predict what will be happening with the COVID-19 virus from month to month. We remain optimistic, with the distribution of vaccines now beginning, that life will start to look closer to normal this summer.

Over the next six months, we will continue to assess our policies and protocols, providing you with updates and current answers to some of the questions you may have. Our hope, like yours, is that by this summer not all these measures will be necessary. We remain prepared to operate SSDC under the health guidelines that are in place and recommended for summer camps for 2021.

As you would expect, the camp experience may be different in the way that we interact with each other and participate in activities. However, although there will be changes to the schedule, perhaps the way we eat meals, or the way we congregate together; we are confident that the feeling of community at SSDC will continue to thrive as it always has for 47 summers – complete with laughter, friendships, shared camp spirit, and many fun activities to delight all ages!

We are creating a plan specific to SSDC based on the recommendations from the ACA, as well as guidelines from the CDC, PA, and Bucks County Health Departments. 

As we continue to modify and develop our plans, based on this dynamic situation, we will provide more specific details regarding some or all of the following:

  • Camper and staff screening, including testing and vaccination requirements before the start of camp
  • Testing while at cam
  •  Protocols for handling a positive test
  • Interactions between people within camp (e.g.  cohorts, physical distancing, PPE, etc.)
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Food service at camp
  • Transportation to and from camp
  • Activity procedures
  • Health center visits and handling sickness at camp


We reasonably expect all adult staff members of our camp community to be vaccinated for COVID-19 prior to their arrival at camp. At this time, it does not seem likely that vaccines for COVID-19 will be available for campers by this summer.


A field guide has been developed and recently updated in January, 2021by the ACA to provide camp directors with a practical guide and educational resources to implement specific recommendations provided by the CDC in relation to risk reduction at camps.

SSDC will use this ACA FIELD GUIDE as a template to create our plan specific to SSDC based on the recommendations from the ACA, as well as guidelines from the state of PA and Bucks County Health Departments. We will update protocols and procedures specific to SSDC as updates to the field guide are made available to us as well. As mentioned above, as we modify our plans, we will keep everyone informed of those modifications in real time.

Jacque and I are looking forward to a spectacular, safe, and rewarding experience for all our campers, parents, and staff this summer.  Please don’t hesitate to call us directly anytime at 267-246-2693 with any questions.

Best regards,

Rick and Jacque Blum

Owners and Executive Directors